Monday, November 3, 2014

revamp with white & gold.

There has been a lot of changes happening in our home these past few months and I'm excited to start sharing some of them! Most of it is just moving some things around, and repainting, but our biggest undertaking has been finishing off the entire upstairs of our home! It has been fun so far, and we are trying to complete it by Thanksgiving:) So we are busy working! Excited to post some in progress pictures soon.

First up on the changes list is this quick dining area update! We bought a really cool table..err..desk from Ikea when we got married and used it as a dining table for the past 4 years.  We loved it, but it was truly a desk size, and was a challenge to eat at when we had guests.  I decided to use some chairs and a table I already had in storage, and move our "desk table" to my office.  Believe it or not, I carried this old table through all of my college apartments, but somewhere along the way the chairs got separated from it:( When going through things I found some really cool almost retro chairs of my grandparents.  I decided to paint the table white to accent all of the details that were lost in the dark wood, and add some gold accents to both the chairs and table.


And I just love this little octopus. My cousin gave him to me as a hostess gift when we threw her a baby shower this summer. He seems to move around my house pretty frequently:)
 I also updated this piece of furniture by spray painting the handles purple. Sometimes simply upgrading the hardware on a piece can save it from paint!
I left the chairs their natural wood too, but painted the paddle shapes gold.  I love the retro feel of them, and these chairs might not always stay with this table, but for now it works!
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