Monday, October 27, 2014

Paint Love// Collaborative Mural Project

I am so excited to be a part of Paint Love.  Paint Love's mission is" connecting artists and nonprofits for a positive impact on youth."  They help connect artists with organizations throughout metro Atlanta. Julie McKevitt, founder of Paint Love, is a dear friend of mine and a very talented artist.  She works hard to seek out and organize some amazing opportunities for artists to get involved in their community!

 Last month I worked with Paint Love to create a unique art experience for the students at Norton Park Elementary School.
We worked with 3rd and 4th graders as well as their awesome art teacher, Sabrina Barilone to create a collaborative mural using photographs of their school!You can also check out Paint Love's blog post about the project here
Before going to the school, I put together a few different photos of the school that Julie(founder of Paint Love) captured for us. In Photoshop, I layered some effects and colors to make the image fun for the students to paint!  We printed the image, and cut it up into a grid, giving each student a small section of the picture to enlarge on their canvas!

During our time there, we taught the students about the work of Andy Warhol, how to work from a grid, and mix paint!We had less than 2 hours with the group, so we were working fast!

Then it was time for the installation!
Woohoo! Some color for all of that space!!
Thrilled I had this amazing opportunity to get involved! If you are an artist interested in being a part of this organization, contact them!

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