Sunday, January 8, 2012

a handmade holiday...

This Christmas, we opted for more handmade, personal gifts. I spent most of my December days painting, jewelry making, and taking pictures, so we would have a little something handmade to add to everyone's gift!
 I made these Corgi prints for my in-laws.
Silhouettes are such an easy DIY project that can be great art for any room!

STEP 1 gather:
*watercolor paper slightly larger than your frame
* acrylic paints in your choice of colors for background, and black acrylic paint
*2 frames with mats (these were 8x10)
* find images of your desired subject
* enlarge your photos to desired size by using a projector or enlarge and print out  the pictures
*trace just the outline of your subject onto watercolor paper.
* Begin painting! Paint background color first, then add black for the silhouette.
* Let dry then frame!

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