Tuesday, January 24, 2012

diy pinterest challenge: birds nest necklace

My sister and I fell in love with these birds nest necklace designs on pinterest, and had to try our own! We made one for our mom and I made another for my mother-in-law.
Materials needed:
*jewelry wire- we used 20 gauge in bronze color
*beads for the eggs- pick the size and color you prefer
* chain for the necklace, with loops(2) and fastener
*jewelry pliers and snips for cutting and bending the wire.

Thread beads onto wire
bend wire into a hook at the end to hold the 1st bead.

begin wrapping around the base of the beads using fingers or pliers( using pliers makes it look a little less predictable)
Once you have a good base, like above start wrapping around to form the real nest shape!
Continue to wrap until its the desired size.
Snip wire leaving about an inch to work with and hook the end again.  Put on  fastening loop (needed to loop the chain through) and and wrap and tuck jewelry wire into base of the nest securely. Attach chain and fastener.

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