Saturday, January 18, 2014

map lampshade.

I love globes, maps, and really anything travel related. I am always looking for ways to incorporate these items into decor for our home.  I bought this lamp a few months ago and thought the shade needed something more interesting! My grandmother gave me lots of maps a few years ago from her and my grandfather's travels and I have been collecting them whenever I can at thrift shops and garage sales! I picked maps with similar colors and patterns and chose to rip them up and collage onto the shade with mod podge rather than cut and fit one piece. 

Because I used a white shade, wherever the maps overlapped created a darker patch once the lamp was turned on. SO to fix this issue I painted the inside with black paint. Problem solved! Instead of displaying this lamp in our home I actually used the finished product for a gift exchange game we do every year with my family.  My sister ended up going home with this one!

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