Tuesday, January 21, 2014

in the classroom: elements & principles of design book project

      This is a project I did at the beginning of the year with my Art Intro students. It helped them gain confidence with different mediums and helped them grasp the elements of art & principles of design that would guide their art making process for the rest of the year!
       Each student chose one symbol, letter, or object and created a cut out stencil using card stock.  We then created accordion fold books with watercolor paper, with each square being 2"x3".  Using their stencil & different mediums they illustrated the elements of art on one side ( line, shape, color(showing 2 color schemes), form, texture, space) and then the principles of design ( pattern, emphasis, proportion, movement, balance, unity, & variety) on the reverse. They really came up with some creative ideas! I've tried everything possible to help students understand these and so far, this is the most exciting!