Monday, February 4, 2013


Every time I find myself in a home improvement store I always browse through the paint section and see if there happens to be a can of oops! paint calling my name.  If you are unfamiliar, oops! paint is paint that was improperly mixed and is extremely discounted! I have found some of my favorite paints this way- and could be a fun way to decide on a paint color for a room.  Last week I stumbled upon this awesome gallon of paint. It was $5. Originally $40. I practiced restraint and left it at the store, walked out to the parking lot and then ran back in to purchase it.  I instantly wanted to paint everything in my path this color, but decided to start with this.  I painted the entire stool orange and then dipped the legs in this leftover pink(another bargain paint find)!


  1. So cute - what a great idea! I have been putting off painting my entryway cubby area for months because I can't pick the right shade... I think I'll try your way! Fun! :)