Tuesday, December 18, 2012

diy mason jar snow globe.

Here's a DIY project perfect as a gift or just a charming decoration for your home.  I was originally inspired by these mason jar snow globes at anthropologie for around $28, and I made this one for $5!

  This project only takes 5 minutes and you can customize it however you would like!
You will need:
* A found or bought clear jar, large enough for your trees to fit inside
* Miniature trees & any other unique trinkets you would like to be in it
*artificial snow flakes, or glitter
*hot glue
( you will probably have enough materials to make several jars, my sister and I made three!)
STEP 1: Remove lid and on the base of the lid that goes inside of the jar, hot glue your trees and trinkets.
STEP 2: Fill jar with artificial snow, around 3 tbsp.. too much and you will not see the trees!
STEP 3: Twist the lid carefully back onto the jar and gently shake to move the snow.

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