Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy pillow.

See this couch? I have been on a search for a while now for the perfect navy pillows for it. And after countless searches and being completely disappointed with the navy pillow selection out there (they shouldn't be that difficult to find, right?)... I decided to take matters into my own hands... and my sister's(she helped me make these)! 
 I bought the fabric at a local fabric warehouse for $4.00. It was a remnant that was discounted and pre-cut to 1 1/2 yards. I also bought (2) 20x20 pillow forms for $5 each.  The pillow instructions below are for a slipcover pillow, so that the fabric can be removed and washed easily!
 STEP 1:  First, we used a standard pillow case(which the pillow form fit snug in), to measure the width to account for the depth of the pillow.  A standard pillow case is 21" We added another 1" to account for a seam allowance on each side of the pillowcase. 
STEP 2: We measured and marked from the edge of our fabric 22" across all the way down our fabric, and cut.
STEP 3: We then needed to figure out the length.  We needed a length 2 1/2 times longer than out width.  So we said 21"x 2.5 equals 52.5 (the length of our fabric). We measured, marked 52" long and trimmed the excess.
 STEP 4: We folded our fabric 1/3 of the way in.
STEP 5: And then we folded 1/3 of that folded piece down. This creates the opening that will remain open so that you can easily remove the pillow insert for washing. *I would suggest adding a snap or button on thi flap when the pillow is finished to close this opening.*
STEP 6: The other end of fabric can then be folded down, and should overlap slightly.
STEP 7: PIN  the 2 side openings just inside the inseam (where you want to sew).  Remember that 21" across is what your pillow is going to be, so you should have 22" to allow for  1/2" seam on each side.

See that pink mark? That's where you will sew.
STEP 8: Sew your sides and remove pins. Turn your pillow right side out again and stuff in your pillow form! 

 I'm excited about the end product.  Exactly what I wanted for about $ 15.00!

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