Sunday, November 20, 2011

why my job is pretty awesome

This is what I made at work the other day...I had about 40 minutes without students and decided I should make the most of it.  Most grade levels are currently learning about abstract art- So i decided to install a little abstract work of my own outside of my classroom! I ran into the supply closet and started grabbing random things, made a small sketch of my plan and began!  WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT THIS IS that in class I haven't really been announcing the project outside the room, but as we start talking about it- or as the students leave- they are like," Hey! That's abstract art too!"  For now- its just what I did, but I'm thinking about letting my art club students put some extra touches on it next week!

total items used so far: paper and painted papers from the scrap/recycle bin, cups, paper towel rolls, phone book pages, straws, border paper, and bottlecaps!

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