Monday, June 13, 2011

recycled magazine forms

Read, Remake, Reuse
This project is one of my favorites that I do with my students.  They even find it humorous just how much fun I have making these.  There are so many possibilities from colors to size, to what you actually make- it doesn't just have to be a bowl!

1. rip out whole magazine pages.
2. fold individual pages into about 1/2" strips and glue remaining flap with glue stick
3. roll your first strip into a little spiral, and add a small piece of clear tape where it ends. it might be hard at first but just try to keep it tight.
4.repeat steps 2&3 adding onto your spiral and tape each next strip where the last strip finished.
5. With the addition of each strip you are building up into a large disk of coils. How big you go really depends on how large of a bowl you want.Remember to keep everything tight. If its too loose your finished project won't be as sturdy or look as clean.
6. After completing your dish slowly pull up starting at the base to create your desired bowl form.  You don't expand the coils at the very bottom(leave them for your base).
7. Once expanded now glue with mod podge and its complete.  You can't put liquids in or eat out of it but its good for just about anything else!

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