Wednesday, February 12, 2014

teach art: jim dine + cubism

I found the idea for this project while attending an AP studio art teacher workshop earlier this year.  We did this project as teachers and had so much fun! I then went back to school and did a variation of this project with my AP students.  We discussed synthetic cubism and  how it progressed from cubism, invented by Picasso & Braque.  More mediums and textures arose in synthetic cubism with  repetition of objects and symbols, and brighter colors! We then talked about the familiar work of Jim Dine and his incredible tool drawings.  The students were challenged to incorporate the styles of these artists in their pieces.
The day before we did the project I told them to each bring a tool to class with them. I gave them 2 days to complete it, a table of materials, they had to draw the object on at least 5 different papers, and incorporate the elements and principles of design to create a successful composition. I loved watching how each student reacted to this project.  It required a more spontaneous work flow and less planning than most were comfortable with, which was awesome! It required that they work outside of their comfort zones and try things that they normally wouldn't take the risk on.  Some students even suggested we do every project like this! If you feel like you have been stuck in a project routine, or the students just need some change in their work flow this is a great project to try!

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