Saturday, December 14, 2013

tiny trees that you are going to dye over.

These adorable little trees have been all over pinterest this season and I decided I had to give them a try! All of the tutorials that I found showed using the green trees and bleaching them before applying dye.  When I went to purchase my supplies, I came across these lovely white trees and thought maybe I could skip the bleaching process?  The great news was- these little trees were already marked down for the season and the dye was on sale, so this whole project only cost me $4.  These white trees are a little "snowier" than the green ones, so before the dye process I tried brushing some of it off.  I created 3 different shades of pinks using just 2 different dye packs and also varied the colors by how long I let them soak in the dye.  Each tree only took a few moments of soaking and then I laid them on an old towel to dry.  Apply some faux snow, place on your favorite tray or stand and voila! A pink tiny tree forest!

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