Tuesday, September 24, 2013

teach art: object study

One of my new goals for my blog this year is to post more about what is happening in my high school art classroom! Here's a project my 35 drawing and painting students(10th-12th grade) did at the beginning of this year.  They chose 1 object and had to represent it in 9 different ways(sizes, perspectives), using 9 different mediums.  The 9 mediums was a bit of a challenge, but my students were so creative and came up with awesome ideas. I seriously could post them all, but here are just a few!

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  1. As a fellow high school art teacher, let me say that this project is AWESOME! I just may steal it for my kids this year. I love the essie one! Also props to the kid who did the fork. I had a college professor tell me once that one of the most difficult things to draw/paint is a fork. Beautiful works!