Tuesday, July 2, 2013

things are looking up.

There can never be enough storage in this little home of ours so we are always looking for a way to improve this! We had been exploring building shelves above the office space for a while and after looking at a few options, we were actually inspired by my dad and a bookcase he had just built! He used old joists and had some left over so we used that as our base!
 We used 2 joists and cut them to form three posts.

 We purchased lumber for the rest of the project- measuring, painting, and cutting boards to fit across each joist.  We laid the shelves two boards wide(there wasn't quite room for three)and attached the boards using screws into the joists. 
 And instead of buying a gallon of paint- Lowe's had this lovely shade of Emerald as a sample color! I bought 2 not being sure how much I would need, but I watered down the paint to give it a washed look and I only used 1 jar!
 We love the final product.  At the start of this project we were slightly concerned that the shelves would make everything feel more cramped, but it actually did the opposite! It really leads your eye up and makes the space feel much larger!  This project cost around $70 to complete and feels more personalized than anything we could have purchased. 

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