Sunday, March 11, 2012

bottle cap mural.

Bottle Cap Murals have become a unique way to create art for your school, and teach kids about helping the environment! An oak tree is our school symbol so we decided to use that as the inspiration for our mural.  My 60 Art Club students completed this in 5  2 hour club meetings.

 This project was originally inspired by this artist and my friend that did a bottle cap mural with her students!

STEP ONE: collecting the caps...
The students brought in somewhere over 24,000 bottlecaps ranging in size, shape and color. We had a competition between classes to see who could bring in the most! Then we washed and sorted them all by color in boxes.
 We used 2 pieces of plywood to create 1 8'x8' panel.  The tree was the only part where we chose to have paint under the caps, everything else  we let the natural wood show through. I assembled the 2 wood panels together with screws before we started adding caps, and we made sure not to cover the screws yet so I could undo it to transport it upstairs for its final installation.
STEP THREE: ADD CAPS! We filled in the tree first with just black tops and then drew lines in crayon so we would know where to put each color.
Here's how things progressed...





  1. how did you attach the bottle caps? glue?

  2. This is very beautiful and the Green Team at our school is thinking of tackling a project like this. Did you hot glue the bottle caps or screw them in? Also, did you have to paint any caps black, or did I you have enough?

  3. Beautiful! Yes... Very curious as to how you kept the caps on. Did they stay on pretty good?

  4. Please let us know how to attach them!

  5. I used Gorilla Wood Glue. They stayed on well, but the piece was so large and installed a well traveled area, that students would often go by and knock a few off. They could easily be re-glued, but if I had it to go over again, I would probably try a liquid cement, or drill them in and attach with screws. With few parent volunteers and young students it was the safest and most manageable option at the time. Good luck with yours:)!

  6. I am currently having my kids do this with wood glue onto plywood...Haven't installed it yet and praying it holds! I think quick set cement would be another decent option if the kids wore gloves