Wednesday, April 10, 2013

paper cut design.

Here's a project I did recently with my art intro students.  I found the idea for the project here in the SchoolArts magazine and just made a few adjustments.  My classes loved it! It's rather time consuming and takes patience, but they all were so excited to see the end result. All the cuts are made using an x-acto knife.  You could do as many layers as you like- My students did a black or white top layer of cuts, a middle layer of color cuts, and then a black or white backing.  I advised them to make the top layer very intricate  and to create designs that really lead your eye around the piece.  The 2nd layer is meant to contrast the top layer and help those top designs pop, so they made more repetitive cuts.  At the end they carefully glued each layer down with Elmer's art paste! I'll post some student examples soon but here's the one I made with them!

after finishing my 1st layer...
and the 2nd...

1st and 2nd layer of cuts

end result


  1. These are awesome! I am going to try these out with my High School students when we return from winter break! :) What type of paper did you use for each layer??

    1. Thanks! I used regular construction paper for the bottom layers and for the top I used some form of paper used for screen printing. I think that it is for heat transfers? The graphic arts teacher at my school had recently moved and left me with tons of paper! It was soft, and almost fabric like. HOWEVER, this year I have done this project with my students and we used construction paper, thin cardstock, and watercolor paper. It is easier to make clean cuts with papers that are slightly thicker than construction paper! Have fun! They will love it!