Wednesday, July 27, 2011

painting with sticks

I saw this project the other day on Pinterest and was so excited to try it! I thought this project would be perfect to do with my new elementary students, but I am just a little concerned with the safety of having young children and sticks.  SO for now its just something fun for me!  If the idea of painting a stick doesn't sound thrilling to you, still try it..there is something oddly entertaining about it- Shane even painted a few!

 All you need:
- sticks
- a brush and some acrylic paint

dress for less

dress form at Urban Outfitters= $300
This mannequin has been one of those weird things that I acquired that I have never been quite sure what to do with! I had recently painted another much more PG version of this mannequin for my classroom blue and decided to do the same to this one!  I used Krylon Ocean Breeze.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

two little tables...

Once looked like this....

 And now look like this...

These cute tables were a garage sale find at $15 for the pair! I couldn't pass them up and love their transformation.

the art of swimming

This is the second race that I have been to in the past month and I have come to the conclusion that open water swimming is definitely an art.  My husband Shane has recently become addicted to open water swim races, extremely LONG open water swim races.  I love watching the events and am truly inspired by the athletes that compete in them.  Shane has competed in both a 5k and a 3k swim.  SO.. if you haven't been to one of these things before- you definitely should!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

map happy

My latest find...these awesome map luggage tags! These were in the dollar section of Target and I couldn't pass them up!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

taking a trip...

I set out to make these coasters a little better than the first ones in my previous post.  I found new varieties of tiles to use.. all varying prices from 30  to 40 cents.  They give some different options and allow for some different looks.  I also changed the cork piece from covering the whole back of the tile to insetting it by 1/4" its a little more aesthetically pleasing this way! 

the rocket artist.

 My brother never ceases to amaze me with his rocket building abilities.  This was the 4th of July rocket that he prepared just for the night.  Who needs fireworks when you have a ROCKET?  His construction consisted primary of a plastic bottle, tin cans, various tapes and papers, and of course an engine! Due to me jumping.. I didn't have any good photos of the lift off:( but here's the before and after.  The kid has true rocket skills.

after a harsh landing, we might need some construction reinforcement.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the alphabet game...

I really been wanting to do this... It takes some, so if you go for this- you have to have some patience.  The longer the quote or verse the more letters you have to find.  After doing this I would suggest just cutting out tons of letters throughout the alphabet and saving them in a folder or something- so then all you have to do is pick the ones you want!

Jeremiah 17:7-8

eat cake a year old?

This past weekend, Shane and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We followed the tradition and froze the top of our wedding cake and ate it a whole year later.  I was definitely skeptical of the cake quality... but it was surprisingly delicious! So we ate cake and watched our wedding video!
 Happy 1 year husband!

save the ta-tas

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and last Monday finished her radiation treatments and is cancer free! Wahoo! Go mom! So in honor of this celebration, of course we had to make cupcakes! We made a strawberry cake with a strawberry cream cheese icing!