Sunday, December 9, 2012

pie crust with a twist.

An easy pie crust perfect for your favorite pie recipe!
 Recipe for 2 pie crusts:
*2 1/2  cups of sifted flour
*3/4 cup of cold cubed salted butter (if you don't have salted butter on hand, just add a pinch of salt)
*ice water
*pie tins, and knife for cutting excess dough
Churn butter and flour together in a mixer, add ice water 1 tsp at a time, until it becomes a dough consistency. Flour surface, and roll out dough. I half the dough and roll each pie crust out separately. 

 Once dough is rolled to desired thickness, pick up and drape across pie mold.
 Trim off the excess dough for a clean edge.
 Roll out the excess dough, and cut into 1/2 " strips. Pinch 2 strips together and braid them by overlapping. You can also use 3 strips.
 Score pie crust edge with a knife and press braided section onto pie crust.  Repeat until complete.  You will use approximately 3 braids.

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