Sunday, August 28, 2011

so you probably new I was going to make this.

These things are all over Pinterest and I just had to make one for myself and I cannot wait to take it to my art classroom!

   Instead of running the crayons through a hot glue gun, I used a different technique that seemed to look just as cool!  I unwrapped about 80 crayons- personal preference that took WAY too much time. I used a box of 64 and then had some extras of my favorite colors.  After the unwrapping the crayons I hot glued them across my canvas and alternated them.  I then got out my handy hair dryer- and the crayons started melting immediately! It seriously only took a second or two for the crayons to start looking glossy and then its up to you how much you want to control! You can control where the dripping goes by blowing it certain directions with the blow dryer. This was definitely a cool fun project, even if everybody is doing it, so give it a try!

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